Brady Bunch Part 2

Well, the fellow made it through his heart ordeal, but the marriage between the lady and the fellow was a goner. I even gave them each a book:

Can you believe it, even Dr. Phil could not bring that lady and fellow back together again! In my defense this is before Dr. Phil started locking people in houses together.

I dare him to lock the lady and fellow in a house.

So the lady remains single and fabulous to this day, any takers...email me. But that fellow, well he moves a bit faster. He married another lady, well young lady. When he told me he wasn't getting older, I told him yes you are, it's just that your wives are staying the same age when you marry them. Three marriages for the fellow and oddly enough all the brides were roughly the same age. Ever seen the movie Ground Hog Day? Not only are they staying the same age, but they are still coming with an additional child. If you are still counting I just lost my BABY status. I believe the newest sibling was five when they married. So a bit of time passed and then came baby. Yep another. When did that baby come? My birthday. Induced.

Thank God I'm a big kid now with a family of my own or I do believe we would have a BIG therapy bill on our hands by now. No, wait, this is therapy. Poor Pretty (aka Brandon) these posts are putting him on edge. His family goes by the rule, if we don't talk about it didn't happen. Sadly, for my family and his, I don't adhere to that rule.

Now where were we, yes, my twin.

So a few years have passed since the Brady Bunch split up, and I became a twin. So much time in fact that I am good with everything, no this crazy family of mine is never going to celebrate Christmas around a big cozy fire, but we are all settling in just fine. To this date no one has jumped.

So well, in fact that the fellow and his bride along with their son came for a visit to Paris. There where no scenes from the Springer Show, just easy mornings drinking coffee alone with the fellow in Paris cafes while Aidan slept in the stroller. Time, that I'm glad he took away from his new family so that we could spend some one on one time together. I even spent some one on one time with the new sibling, just he and I. I remember that feeling of wanting to be part of the "others" so badly, that it was fun to hang out with him and hear stories of "his" dad. Apparently, the fellow has become very strict in his old age. Bummer for the new kid.

The fellow might have shut my apartment door with the keys on the inside and I might have said a string of curse words. The new sibling noted that. His dad does not allow curse words. Hmm, I must have let that lesson slip or the fellow was tired by the time I came along. That would explain my mouth and the BAD haircuts.

So there it is, a VERY cliff note version of my family. The more I think about it, the more I need to write a book. I didn't even get to the family funeral that had me in tears with laughter and then got worse as an Elvis song begin to play in the funeral parlor. Don't worry there will be an editor. Deb and Carol, you're hired.

So fellow when your ready, send me the pictures (my computer crashed for the 100th time and they all met an early death on this end).


Carol said...

I would need a chart to keep track of all of the people and relationships!!!!

Family....you gotta love'em!

My family operated on the same principles as Brandon....LOTS of family secrets.


anita said...

Hey! I thought I was going to be that editor. I was at that funeral.

Miss ya :)

patty said...

Anita, why was Peggy laughing at a funeral? Peg, post please!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy you have people talking. I had to explain to Jody your brady bunch. Look I am sharing and lmao

Grandmama said...

Now you HAVE to write a book, not only about your adventures in Paris but about the fam as well! I'll agree to a co-editorship agreement. Love you, deb