Is it odd that I'm so tired my eyes are burning, but I feel I must share?
How about this for a little smile.
Today a woman tried to belittle my French by handing me the pen to have me write our last name and rolled her eyes while doing it. Apparently, she could not understand my spelling of RICE (I've been spelling it for almost 2 years in French, it's not great, but it's not THAT bad).
Was I affected?
When I asked for a proper container to "catch" Aidan's specimen of the #2 kind she suggested wax paper.
Hmm, no thank you.
Trust me her genius just kept coming.
Was I affected by any of it.
She wore blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner and blue mascara.
My accent in French may suck, but blue mascara sucks worse.
I win.


Carol said...

WHAT are they looking for???

And blue masacara to top it off...who thinks of these things...what sick mind thinks that women will look better with blue eyelashes...

Good luck and I hope he feels better..

Love you,


Tricia York said...

Ha ha!