Best Present

Brandon is sneaky, very sneaky.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
Mr. Rice set up lunch for he and I on this fine Friday at a very out of the way place we have never been. He came home early from work, overly concerned I had not cleaned the house. He enters the house starts picking up and milling about like a girl!
He has been asking me to clean for 2 days!
The sun was shining in Paris, I have not been out in a while, I revolted.
So, did I find this odd, that he was obsessed with the house?

Second thing that should have been a clue.

He called a cab to pick us up for lunch.


So we get to the spot.

We enter the door and all seven tables in the place are FULL.
I say to Brandon without looking back at him, "hmmm, we should have made a reservation".

Still scanning the restaurant, I hear a voice in English in my right ear,

"Would you like to sit with us?"

I turn and just stand there looking at the people.
The most confused I have ever been in my life.
I know the people, they don't live here, they are not supposed to be here!
Why are they here?!
What the hell is going on!?
Is it really them?
Yeah, yeah that's them.
What is going on!?

I just stood there dumbfounded for what seemed an eternity, until my SISTER, stood up and hugged me!!!

Bring on the ugly cry!!! In the middle of the restaurant where now I have no care in the world who is around or what is going on. (My brother in law says there was applause).

My Sister, her husband and son are sitting in PARIS!!

Without my knowledge! Looking at me, hugging me, saying Surprise!

What a day.

My sister's birthday is November 22, whom I have shared a birthday with for a very large part of my life is standing in a little Paris cafe! I get to share my 35 birthday with my Sister in Paris, what a life. What an amazing day. What an amazing present!!!

Guess who has known about this for months?
Brandon. Not a peep, no hint, nothing.
My home sickness is cured.


Mary said...

Have so much fun your faces hurt from all the smiling & your sides are sore from all the laughing.
Enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Carol said...

I am so happy for you! You needed a surprise! I am glad that you are feeling better, that you will have a wonderful birthday AND family with you for Thanksgiving!

Love you all,


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Happy Birthday. Hope it is wonderful for you. From the sounds of it you are off to a good start. Love you and miss you.

Brenna said...

Sweetest surprise ever! Nice job Brandon- I'm impressed! FELIZ CUMPLE Peggy! Un abrazo grande desde Boston!

Peggy Rice said...

Merci, Meri!! I will enjoy. Mom you are sneaky too!
Kisses to all.

Tricia York said...

That is so sweet! I hope you have the best birthday ever!

patty said...

Have a great week Peggy! I'm so happy that your happy and that your heart if full of warmth being around family. What a fab surprise Brandon! Lots of Love....and Happy Birthday!

Dad said...

Just read your Blog, no wonder I couldn't get anyone on the phone to Wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
Hope you all are having a great time!!