catch up

We celebrated another birthday, she's only 3. She's looking good, huh?
With a chocolate cake from Dalloyau.
I finally made it to Sacre Coeur. Almost two years of city living and I have never been, but I finally made it and with great company! Not a bad view from the top, totally worth the stairs. Colin and Greg raced down all the stairs, Patty and I safely watched from the top.


Becky said...

What a wonderful memory to make with your sis!

Peggy Rice said...

We are having a great time! I love that she is here:)

Dad said...

I am very happy that you are all together and having such a great time!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love Dad

Kerrie said...

Can't wait to see you stateside. Less than a month!

bob said...

We're so happy you're enjoying this birthday week with your sister. Sorry to have missed your birthday, but the comp was down. So now we can forward our HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO OUR LOVELY GRAND DAUGHTER IN LAW!!
Love, Isobel qand Bob