Thanksgiving Art

Thanksgiving Day my sister, Colin and I went to the Louvre.
A family first on Thanksgiving.
The all consuming thought of the day for men:
"hmm, what to do with this thing today?" That is a face ONLY a mother could love.
Bad hair happens to babies too.

Naked pedicures, now there's a thought.
I'll pass.
This dress will never go out of style.
As for the sandals, that was one smart Roman who came up with those.
A shoe that looks good on a man and a woman, priceless.
Now only if a mans feet really looked like this.

She looks like she just did something naughty.
Very naughty.
The painting said she was a bankers daughter and they financed champagne.
I say she did something naughty.
Is there something on my back?
I swear I feel something.
Kids leave a permanent mark.

If it's not the kids, it's the husband.

I'm supposed to cleaning and doing laundry, so this post continues tomorrow...

1 comment:

Carol said...

You are funny! LOVE IT!

We have to go to the Louvre together...you could do a guide book!