Soup Party

Seeing as we have a few veggies lying around the house, I thought I would have a little soup party. The soups were very EASY. The Soupe de Potiron (Pumpkin soup) is from this recipe video. No words, just a video. Caution, he doesn't show that he peels the pumpkin, but he does! The second soup is a butternut squash soup and in my opinion it was the BEST. You can find it HERE. She is a French woman living in the states and I swear I have learned more cooking tips from her across the pond than I have here in Paris. I did add the bacon of course, it is just not in this picture, also Brandon's is on the right and he added the Vietnamese version of Tabasco. Good soup + Good Friends = Good Night. Of course there was games.
Marit was guest of honor because she signed up as a follower... over there to the left...hint...hint.If you sign up you will be the first to see pictures of my brother and I sporting spiky mullets circa 1985 tomorrow.
Happy Monday.


patty said...

You made me and Phil's mom giggle with all your R.I.P. soup! Good use of the party decorations! MIss you lady. Lots of love. x

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I better get to see that pic. I have been a follower for a long time!!!! Love the soup recipes, I might try one for my stamping party. My family will not eat squash soup.