Mullet Days

I have come up with a theory.
The more kids that are in your family the more you get to do.
I believe that parents get tired.
You have enough kids asking you for stuff all day, eventually they just say yes.
I am the youngest of five.
My brother is the fourth (well technically, I am not the youngest of five anymore and he is not the fourth, due to that fact that our father is amazing fertile and continues to populate this planet into a ripe old age...).
Whatever, at this point in time, in this photo, we were numbers 4 and 5 and apparently our parents were tired, very tired.
Because at some point we asked for a haircut and boy did we get one.I'm sure we loved these cuts.
I'm sure we thought we were very cool.
Who would have thought that the style of 1980's would fade?
Not us, no sir, we are living the moment and thanks to technology I am happy to share our embarrassment with you.
Sadly I have to report that one of my sisters would attend beauty school and my hair story only gets worse from here. Also, in future years I would come to know a little product called Sun In,

just in time for school pictures. No I don't have that photo, it is somewhere neatly tucked into a storage bin in Texas.

As for Jon, my brother, his story is not much better, he would later find his way to a curly perm.

Happy Tuesday

I shared my mullet, now scroll down and become a fan. To the left. Do it. You don't want to miss the story of how my siblings and I lost our numeric family order do you? I'll give you a hint, come to find out dad was busy in high school, university and his 60's did not slow him down either...


patty said...

Dearrrr Loooordy Lordy! Keep the photos coming!
I have an old school picture of Johns pet donkey. I'll see if I can find it and send it over....

Jon Van said...

OMG!!! Funny how time passes and we forget how F'n cool we were. I ROCKED! Thanks for posting that.

And about the perm I later got; Bur got one with me. I recall his mother crying about it.

Peggy Rice said...

Now I can sleep peacefully, I got some comments. You put a picture of yourself and your brother on the net sporting mullets and you get a little nervous:) All better now. Thanks.

Jon Van said...

There was a taste of sarcasm in my comment. Hope you tasted it. I cant bust your chops too much. You included yourself in the mullet head shot.


tracy j said...

Thanks for that Peggy. I LOVED that picture. I did not love the fact that at first I thought it was a picture of me..hee hee!! I had the EXACT same shirt and the same unfortunate hair cut. We could have been twins! What were we thinking???

I just joined your site, although I follow it almost every day. You got some blog skills girl!!! Keep the pictures coming.....