Knit lesson

MiMi taught Jaylee how to knit tonight. She learned quick.
I love the contrast between youth and old age. So much possibility and so much knowledge all in one. Mimi learned to knit at the age of 5, so she was thrilled to teach Jaylee. The kids start two weeks of vacation today, so tomorrow Jaylee and I are going over for joint lessons.
Aidan gave the cat more love than the cat could stand. But the cat was a good sport.
I had more Port than was needed, but I was a good sport too.


Carol said...

Port is the perfect drink for cold rainy Paris!!

I want to learn to knit...I have this crazy idea that if I learn I could teach some of my students and we could make hats for homeless kids as a Christmas project. I did not think that up by the way....I found it on one of your blog addictions! Do you think I should come for lesson! How wonderful Jaylee is learning and I know it makes Mimi happy too!

Peggy Rice said...

Yes, you should come for a lesson!!!! Mimi has plenty of port and wool and to go around:)I love the idea of hats for the homeless.