Dear Aidan

Happy Birthday to my special little man. On the 21st of October, three years ago you quietly slipped into this world and your dad and I celebrated it with just the two of us. Today we celebrated your birthday in style surrounded by friends.You sang and danced with your friends and loved every moment of your day.You were a star at pin the face on the pumpkin.Your friends and your sister were equally as happy with this game.You took refreshment breaks just as any good goblin would do.You were a skilled bowler.You are an amazing little man. This year you are loving school and learning something new everyday. When I ask who your new friends are you say, "my guys". This year you call your teacher your "friend" and thanks to you, I am warming up to her as well. You have developed what we call the Australian/French accent which makes everyone smile. You continue to be obsessed with all forms of transportation and I assure you that everyone is aware of your presence when we board! YOU are an unbelievable little man who deserved a celebration as big as your personality and that's just what you got! Love,
MOM aka:mom mia


Carol said...

Happy birthday dear Aidan! Make sure Mamma gives you a big hug and kiss from me. What an adorable little boy...Welcome to having a 3 year old Peggy...they are so much easier!

Love to all


Peggy Rice said...

Oh, Carol I'm going to hold you to that! Let's cross our fingers:)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Aidan it looked like your birthday was a lot of fun. We were thinking of you all day long.

Mary said...

It looks like you had a wonderful party with lots of fun, friends, family and food.
The singing sounds great.....enjoy your year.
Love, hugs & kisses.