Love Bank Deposit

Have you read His Needs, Her Needs?
Brandon and I have read parts, well more like three chapters, but there is a part that says you need to make emotional deposits in the love bank.
No, you dirty minded people, not that kind of deposit.
The do what makes your wife happy kind of deposits.
Which in the states would have been a quick trip to the mall, but here it required a rented car and fresh air.
This is Chantilly, an hour outside of Paris.
It's a must.There is a large art collection here as well and Jaylee and I had fun doing the scavenger hunt. If I had looked at these paintings in college, I'm certain they would have said something different to me. But, now, after having children and nursed both of them, they speak to me in a different way.You know you've felt this way a time or two. Boobs feeling permanently exposed, husband wanting something, child needing something. You are posed with the knife ready to pounce? Only at the husband of course, not the child:) This one is too funny. It is a stained glass window telling the story of cupid, but I saw something completely different. You've been nursing for so long you feel like this. The last time you saw a wax for that upper lip was WAY to long ago, your hormones completely out of whack so you might just grow horns at any moment and the angel wings to keep you grounded.
Then the moment comes when they are so peaceful you just want to snuggle them forever. I think they should put some of these images in all those famous nursing comes naturally books!
Art, it's different for everyone!
The second love deposit came on Sunday and we headed to Ferme de Gally.
Love this place.
Birthday preparations are under way with our newly purchased pumpkins.
Aidan turns 3 tomorrow!
Lots to do.


Brenna said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos Aidan!

gg said...

absolutely beautiful. that will be on my list for the next trip. :) you're a good picture taker

Tricia York said...

Peggy, you are hysterical! I think you should apply for a job as a tour guide in this museum. You make art fun!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Pegster, a little preoccupied by the breast feeding, is there something you aren't telling us or is it because of Aidan's and birthday and you are feeling a bit nostalgic?

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks Tricia! Perhaps I have a second job coming my way:) GG, thank you, I love taking pictures. Kerrie, no worries no pregnancy here, I was just surrounded by boob pictures and it all could think of was breastfeeding:)