The Secret

I've read The Secret.
I liked it.
Dear Secret,
the next time it rains in Paris I would love to have this little number from Boden.

Oh, heck while you're at it, I'll take this skirt and please don't forget to throw in that fabulous overnight bag, don't worry about the boots, I've got great ones already that would love to meet the rest of this outfit.Thank you Secret.

Dear Pretty, if The Secret doesn't get this message, considered yourself warned.


Brandon said...

Here's a secret! Not funny!!!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Hey I have read The Secret too and it WORKS so keep at it Peg. Package out with Moroccan Oil Friday.
Love all

Jon Van said...

I've hear of "The Secret", but it never interested me enough to read it. If Peggy endorses it then maybe I'll check out the DVD version from the library.

Becky said...

Read it, listening to it, discussed it...not sure you I feel about it. Let me know how it works out. Tried it for a while but felt like I was praying to some "universe" for stuff. I felt if I was going to be praying I would rather just pray on stuff that mattered and buy the crap I want!!!

Carol said...

I love that catalog...everything is so cute...Take note Brandon....that raincoat says PEGGY'S BIRTHDAY to me!

Peggy Rice said...

Jon, that is the BEST picture ever of you and Anita! Now add baby Jack and I see Christmas card.