If we were in the States Jaylee would be starting Kindergarten, but in France that is different.
They begin early and they are serious.
Actually the verdict is still out, on if the new teachers are serious or just bitchy, but whatever it is, Aidan's teacher found out today that Mama Rice is FROM TEXAS and I can pull authoritative bitch faster and with far more ease and spite than her 20"ish" self.
Sorry that was a bit off subject, but apparently I needed to get it off my chest.
Back on subject we go.
She is now 5 years old in First Grade (CP) and has homework.
Her French homework is one level down from mine.
Mama Rice needs some assistance! Because I refuse to take anymore "stink" eye from the teachers, if there is stank eye to be given, I will be giving it. (Jaylee's teacher asked to talk to me tomorrow after school tomorrow).
We have to read stories, answer questions and work on "sounds".
My friends may I now introduce you to my friend, afternoon drinking partner and now Jaylee's tutor, MiMi:

I love this woman! The kids were making peace signs so Mimi threw one up as well. Love that! Mimi and Jaylee did homework and Aidan and I played cars in the other room. When all of our work was done we headed over to cocktail hour. Herve, Mimi's husband, was not there yet as we all took our perspective seats around the table and Aidan points to his empty seat and says, "Papa". Love it!!!

So, "Papa" shows up and we all raised our glasses to a second round of Sante.

Perhaps this school year is not going to be so bad.


patty said...


There's currently one American (myself) and two Scotsmen that can't stop ourselves from laughing as that "peace" sign Mimi and your 'lil lady are giving is the equivalent of flipping someone the bird in Great Britain! hahahahahahaha!

Mary said...

Take no prisoner's Mama Rice!!!! Show those teachers who is boss and what they can do with 'tudes.
I think Mimi is the lucky one, glad she's there for ya.

Peggy Rice said...

See what we are leanring!? Good to know, it makes it even funnier that Jaylee now knows how to flip the bird in more than one language:)
Thanks MeMa, we love you!