Still got some life in her

Pretty saved the day! After a long afternoon in a computer shop with limited English he got this old Dell up and running. BRAVO! Merci! Gracias! Thank you!
Now down to buisness.
We took one last vacation before school started, well we vactioned and Brandon worked.
I love the south of France. Let me say that again, I LOVE the south of France. The people are nice, they are not trying to run you over or race you on the sidewalk, they are just laid back. Oh, yes, and they don't pass out the evil eye while shopping with two kids.
Oddly enough, I forgot my camera on this trip. So all pictures are from my iPhone.
We toured Daddy's work. It used to be that everytime Aidan saw a large building, the pretty ones in France, he would say "Castle", now it he says, "Datty work".

Source Pierre. No that is not Brandon's office, but the kids think it is. I could not actually explain what he does, so submission was the best I could come up with.
"Is it real?", "What happened?", "Can we drive it?", trust me the list goes on.

We took the tour and I'm going to say, my kiddos were not the BEST students in the tour.Much to Aidan's saddness and mine, they did not take us for a ride in the bus. They just park it out front to tortue young children and their mothers. Thank you Perrier.We drank the goods. Next stop was for ME.

Visit this place one day, you will love it.

What else is fabulous about Uzes?


Musee du Bonbon.I love sugar. I let them each have a basket and they were allowed to buy as much as they wanted. Jaylee should write this post, because she has a LOT to say about it! Fun.

What's better after a day of sugar?

The beach. This beach is not like the ones of Cote d'Azur, it is nice but not picturesqe by any means. However, I must say you could tell the people had been there ALL summer. How do I know this? By the color of thier breasts. A friend recently read an article in TIME, and I searched it out as well, that stated the Europeans don't really go topless anymore, it is mostly the Americans. FALSE. There was not wisper of English around me and I was looking at grade A, tanned French boobs and buttocks (thong in full effect). These boobs were so tan in fact, that I kept my girls underwrap as not to blind anyone. So to the auther of that article, I say perhaps you should do a bit more research, or perhaps let Brandon do it for you, he would happily take on the task.
Last stop before real life in Paris begins, 19 BC waterway built to bring water from near Uzes to Nimes, there are 35 arches of its 275m long upper tier (now you can say I'm an intellectual blogger!)
Last year mornings were a nightmare around here, so I vowed to change it. I got this from HERE, she has a great blog, go check it out.
It's working like a charm.
I will admit in part to the fact that I no longer fight Jaylee on her outfit choice.
Not even the first day.
I didn't want to mislead the teacher in anyway of what she had in store for the year.
Out the door we go! (On time)

They did fine.
Well, Aidan did fine the second day and today. He met a friend named "boy" and Jaylee can't remember her friends name, because she didn't ask. She is also not "real sure" if she likes it, because she is the only one in her class with glasses and that makes her feel funny. She is very blunt lately. On the bus she flipped me the bird and when I asked what in the world she was doing she says, "showing you how they taught me to wash my hands", one digit at a time, only she starts with the bird.
Sorry, spell check not working!


Carol said...

I have missed you!!!

Great idea...hopefully they will do it through HS!

The children look precious...so grown up...and isnt it amazing that the Romans could build a bridge 2000 years ago and it still stands!

Love ya


Jeremy said...

You naive woman. Jaylee wasn't showing you how they wash their hands. She flipped you the bird and you believed the response. Jaylee 1, Peggy 0.