A great place

Now that the kids are in school I have a bit of time to explore the city without a stroller.
Enjoy a quiet hour in the mornings.
I have had an ongoing list of things I want to do and see, without my little loved ones!
Don't get me started on the ever present question, "what do you do all day?"
I direct you HERE.
I will address that question myself next week.
I have walked past this little cafe many times on the mad dash to the doctors with the kids in tow.
Thursday, I got some pictures taken of these old bones, and yes, I had to get naked again! I'm not kidding you the courtesy robe is unheard of in this country. But after I got my clothes back on I headed to a peaceful breakfast.

I did not utter sit down, shh, give it to Aidan, nothing.

I read a magazine. They had three neatly stacked piles of magazines calling my name. Paradise on a chilly fall morning.

So if you find yourself in Paris near the Tower and Ecole Militaire and you see this,

I highly recommend you stop in.


Shelley Lynn said...

Way to go! Time to spend without having to try to keep anyone else happy is definitely relaxing, so forget the Paxil/Prozac option.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I would kill for that cafe creme on the table and the plate of carbs. Go Peg!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

That is so ironic. Roxy and I went to Canton last weekend and I bought a shirt that has the superman symbol with Mom in it and says, "what's your super power". If I see it again, I will get you one.