Growing up, every year my grandmother would buy me a new pair of cowboy boots.
Thankfully, my mom does it for my kids too.
They love it!
What's a super hero without a fancy pair of boots, Thomas the Train pj's, and a Roary shirt? I'm pretty sure this is a bliss to a two year old.
These are Jaylee's fancy boots. She loves them! We can't get them on her feet, but she loves them! We are taking them down to the "shoe man" on Monday and having zippers installed. No worries, Mema also included a pair of Hannah Montana silver shoes in the box that have not left her feet.
Speaking of Mema, I spy a birthday.

That's right, Mema is sending gifts to our house and it's HER birthday!

Mom I LOVE you!


Tricia York said...

Braxton has the same boots that Aidan has (and probably the same Thomas jammies, too)! Too cute! Happy birthday to Mary!!

patty said...

I want those pink boots!

Peggy Rice said...

Ladies, let me tell you, we got some big smiles at the bus stop this morning with Aidan wearing boots and a jogging suite.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I love the boots, are Jaylees fat babies, they sure do look like it and I am not exactly a country girl but I do have three pairs of those. Too comfortable. They both look tres chic to this Idahoan. Happy Birthday to Mary.