Vacation Part 1

Ready for pictures?
Me too.
Let's hope I can get it done by the end of this post.
Okay, our first week was spent at Cap Esterel, Agay.
That link shows you a great panoramic of where we where.
Amazing part of southern France.
Last year when we had just moved here every French person I met could not believe I had not booked a holiday. I thought, "what is the big deal?".
Well, let me tell you vacation is good any way you can get it, but two weeks of it is fabulous. The French have it right with three weeks.
The first week you are still wound up and the second you are getting into the swing of things. Did I mention there was kids club at the resort? A hair salon? Art class? Three pools? Swim lessons? Cocktails? Beaches? Ahhhh
I wore black my first day back in Paris to show my state mourning.
Then I realised that all the mean Parisianers were heading out of town for the start of their 3 week vacations and a nice smile came across my face as I placed an elbow in lady's side who had just bumped me from my position at the deli section:)
ON that topic, I had my first French victory on vacation. I debated, won and walked off smiling all in French at a grocery store. Viva Rue Rice. I will save that for the next post.
Back to relaxation, family, fun and smiles.

However, before we got to all this greatness, we had to endure this...

To top off his "scent", that is being so kind, so very, very kind, he had pate for lunch.


Jon said...

Those pictures are great. Wish Anita and I were there hanging with ya'll.

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks! We had a great time, miss you guys and I hear that time is upon us.