Home sweet home

We are back!!!
We returned to the cleanest house ever, which made mommy and daddy Rice very happy, however, no milk in the house.
Aidan's take on that:
"me milk or me nothing!!!", said with crossed arms and a pouted lipped.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

What did you do have a cleaning lady come and muck or what? That is the best way to come home, mental note will have to make that happen next trip . Anyway can't wait to see more pics of the vacation on FB or here. We all have missed the blog and catching up with Rue Rice. Love you all and hope the refreshed feeling helps revive you so this year YOU will kick Paris' A**

Dad said...

Glad you all made it back safely !!
Looking forward to seeing the vacation pics.
Love Dad

Copper Rabbit said...

Few people realize that Descartes' early versions of I think therefore I am were very close to what Aiden uttered - it must be in the water - or the milk in france. cad