A Tale

I have to bring you some current RueRice news before vacation shots. Jaylee has lost tooth #2. Big stuff to a 5 year old!

Siblings are fun aren't they? Jon and I would have just beat one another with a skillet or perhaps a full glass of milk:) She filled in the necessary paperwork. She made me read it twice just to make sure I knew what I was talking about, very Brandon like. Now it's time for the story. This is the second time I have heard the story. She told the story with ease and flow when we ran into Elza's grandmother on the street. The two of them just went on and on, I loved it, such a proud moment! So I asked her to tell the story for our friends and family.

It's fun to hear these stories because life moves so fast that soon enough it will be stories like these. I watched these three stand on the beach and compare ailments for an hour. I coined them "Three's Company".


jaclyn said...

oooooooo i love that little french mouth! soooo cute.

Peggy Rice said...

You are now my favorite person Jaclyn! I love that little mouth too and the toothless lisp.

Sari said...

Love the videos! She sounds "tres" French. You must be so proud. They are adorable.

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks Sarah! I love it when she just switches with ease, it makes me think it was all worth it. Go kiss your parents:).