Vacation Part 2

The last week of vacation took us to an MMV resort in Cannes. This one was very different from the first. The first one was a city within a city. NO need to ever leave the property. This one was more upscale and gave us the opportunity to get out see more of the area. So we filled our mornings and then when Aidan was ready for a nap and Jaylee was still brimming with energy we let her play at kid's club and rest of us took a little rest.

We toured a casted, well, we did a scavenger hunt at the castle and then had a great lunch at the end.

We did a glass bottom boat ride. Kids loved it! I thought we might hit a rock at any moment. Brandon was a BIT angry at me, because it seems that I thought we had time for a small breakfast before embarking on our boat ride. I was wrong. We still had to pay. I was taking my bread since the coffee was not ready. Instead of breakfast we got two baguettes for 16euros.If you know anything about Europe a good baguette will put you back 1 euro. Best damn baguettes, err, crow I ever ate (let's pretend that's me eating the bread).
She still liked me.

Inspiration for Brandon.
Inspiration for me.

I'm not sure what it was about this vacation but everything I saw I thought to myself, "I want to lay in there naked." Weird.

Amazing shades of blue.
Tell me you don't just want to jump in there naked? Seeing as it was a public boat, I thought I better not. But, later I swam out away for the others and let it out for a bit. Felt just as good as I thought it would.

We went to Monaco.I would not recommend that with children. They kicked our asses. I did find something I liked though.I didn't get it.

This vacation brought me peace (except one day in Monaco). Some vacations, you need a vacation after the vacation, not this one. We enjoyed the whole thing, I loved it so much I am actually TRYING to stick to a budget just so we can go and do another one;)


The York Family said...

Looks like yall had a great time! Such a beautiful vacation!

Becky said...

The pictures are wonderful!! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Peggy Rice said...

We did! The only problem is that it was too good. I want more;)

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

You Rice's know how to do vacation!! Can you adopt me? I'll leave the ass kickers behind!!

Marit said...

Hi Peggy,
Glad to have you guys back in Paris!
How about an evening at Paris Plage at the end of this week, if the weather holds on? Just to make you miss the real beaches a bit more:-)

Peggy Rice said...

Paris plage it is!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Amazing vacation simply amazing.