Prozac and wine

Brandon signed up for an immersion French course. His goal, is to be able to ask for more than just a beer by the end of his two weeks. Perhaps he will be able to ask for two?
His professor shared an interesting bit of information today from the local paper.
Today Prozac celebrates it's 20 year anniversary.
Guess what are the number one sellers in France?
Prozac and wine.
I have a few ideas as to why:
  1. Public transportation
  2. Winter
  3. Winter
  4. Winter
  5. Rain
  6. Rain
  7. Rain
  8. Grey skies
  9. Grey skies
  10. Grey skies

Last year I thought about buying one of those mood lights. I have not ruled it out. But perhaps I might just go with the locals on this one.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Paxill and wine is better.

Marit said...

Hi Lady,

Writing an entry like this during Paris hottest day of the Year! 35 Degrees and sunny and you talk about winter....
I think you need moe : Wine or Prosac???! :-)

Peggy Rice said...

True, so true Marit, I think I needed it yesterday as well:) Just for the other end of the spectrum with no A/C!

gg said...

maybe that's why the french also take a 3 week vacation.

Peggy Rice said...

gg, I say they are the smartest people in the world for that one as well!!!:)

Jon said...

Next time Brandon is at the bar he should just say "Je suis un gode"

The locals will know he is knowledgeable of the French language and treat him with respect.

Jon said...

Or he could say to the bartender "Je mange les gens"

There are a whole list of great one liners to help him through Paris. Let me know if I can help.

Peggy Rice said...

For anyone who does not know Jon is my brother! He is a nut and a funny nut at that! I'm going to let Brandon do his homework on those:)

patty said...

Please don't let Brandon do his homework. Walk him to the bar with camera in hand, let him voice Jon Eric's poetic phrases and be sure to capture the expressions of the bartender. It'll be priceless. Then he can kick Jon's ass next time he sees him.