All in a day

Some days just make me laugh and today was one of them.
I took the kids with a friend to the pool in Neuilly today.
Where is Neuilly you ask?
It is a heavenly suburb of Paris. Home to wide, tree lined sidewalks, not one poop pile in sight and beautiful buildings. I did not see one buildings that looked like ours. Hmm.
Apparently, I have been there before, The American Hospital is there, but I did not see all this scenery while hanging out in the back of the ambulance with broken kneed Brandon.
Today I got the full effect on foot and by bus.
I also got plenty of time on the side of one street, since one bus driver apparently did not feel like picking up two women and 5 children from the bus stop. Apparently he was busy.
The second bus driver, who actually stopped 10 minutes later, well he was not much better.
As usual Aidan picked the first seat behind the driver, so I had the "best seat" in the house. A few stops into the ride a little old lady boards the bus. She came complete with black patten leather high heels, pencil skirt and a shopping trolley. She was well into her late 70's. While she was holding up her pass, hands free from any type of stabilizing device the driver decide it was time to accelerate.
Granny went down.
Slow motion and with no attempt to break her fall.
Aidan was asleep on my lap, so I decided I should stick out my foot to break her fall from.
Bad idea.
Granny hurt my foot.
At this point the driver reluctantly stops the bus and comes out from behind his seat.
Granny was pissed.
He tried to help her up.
Granny said, "Don't you touch me!" (Jaylee told me that)
He offers his arm.
No go.
He asks her to get up.
No go.
Finally, Granny gets up on her own and he pulls her trolley behind her.
He returns to his seat and slams the door behind him!
As if to say, how dare you fall on my bus.
Only in France.
I would also like to mention this is the last in a long string of events:
  1. Morning ride, driver kicks a man off the bus and and older gentleman laughs as he exits.
  2. Produce weight machine is not working properly so after a little jiggle, the man declares no fruit and veggies today. We got candy instead.
  3. After a heated discussion my friend got kicked out of the pool for improper attire (skirted swimwear). A couple from Spain witnessed the "debate" and said, "Italians and Latins are NOT like this! Points to his shiny new speedo and said I HAD to buy this."

Just think, if the statistics are right, half of these people are on medication, it could be worse.


jim said...

Just got around to reading your posts.
Love them !

Great photos of the vacation!!

Love Dad

P.S. I'm sure that you've seen the new addition to the VB family, he sure is a cutie !

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

That is one tough lady I am impressed.