In my head I'm crafty. I see things and I think, "I could do that". I just have a problem with follow through. I used to have a shed of Canton goodies that I was going to turn from trash to treasure one day. I threw them out when I moved.
My grandmother was crafty.
She was a quilter and I remember the dresser that housed all of her quilting squares. The drawers were heavy when they pulled out and they were filled to the brim with quilting squares and piles of fabric. I can smell it. In the afternoons she would turn on Days of Our Lives and pour herself a Diet Dr. Pepper over ice, watch her "show" and quilt.

That is where she loses me. I don't like diet and Days of our Lives became too crazy when Marlena started levitating. I also remember that my grandmother said everything tastes better in glass. True, so true. Adults only drink out of glass at our house and Jaylee recently announced that she too does not like to drink out of plastic. You can't fight genetics. That makes me smile and frightens me to my core all at the same time.

So this one is for Granny!

That is my handy work! Now let's get down to thanking some other people who made this post possible:)

  • Grita, I always loved your sewing room as well and I feel certain that you must open an Etsy shop ASAP.
  • Meg, from the blog whatever. My children think she KNOWS everything and so do I. She is the one who first posted the rainbow cake and I copied that too. I also copied her summer wish list. Come to think of it I am copy cat:)
  • Susannah, for loaning me the sewing machine and her sons underwear. Aidan borrowed them one day and now he has no desire to return them. She calls us cheeky. So now I'm a copy cat and cheeky!

I have made a resolution. There are many blogs that host quilt-a-longs and I have decided that once the kids start school, one of my projects to complete before June 1st 2010 is to make a quilt. Yes that is a long time, but none, not one, of the bloggers mentioned how completely unnerving it is to have small children jumping all around you asking, "is it done yet?!".


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy, I wish you luck with the quilt. I remember my sewing phase kids pajamas, fleece pullovers, and ah the quilt was next..... six squares done. That was 9 years ago and I still haven't finished the damn thing or thrown it away because you know I think someday I might get around to it.... ya you betcha. Love you all

Brandon said...

Kerrie she will throw out the 6 squares if she gets that far! Peg I wish you the best of luck on you most recent quest! I am glad you were lent a sewing machine this time!! Love you

Mary said...

Well congrats.....strolling down Granny memory lane with you brought tears to my eyes. Thanks!
The kids shirts are great, think you need to make matching ensembles for you and Brandon.
Love ya.