7 years...

Still going strong!
Seven years ago today Brandon and I ran off to a mountain side over looking Lake Tahoe and got married. I would love to upload that picture for you all, but it seems we have childproofed our selves out of our computer hutch. The key is nowhere to be found and the printer is locked in.
When Jaylee looks at the picture she has a few questions.
"Do you still have your dress?"
Err, no.
Hum, that explanation is long, but trust me years from now when the rest of her friends are being forced into wearing a dress they have no desire to wear, she will not have the problem. She will thank me later.
Brandon's answer, "because your mom is not sentimental and sold it in the garage sell before we moved."
Ok, now that is only PART true.
Yes, I sold it, but I have my memories and pictures and I don't need a dusty dress to pull out of box to remind me that I'm married:)
More questions before we left for our date:
"Who wanted babies?"
YOUR mother
"Who bought your dress?"
"What about your shoes?"
They were blue.
Because you need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
She is still thinking on this one.
Aidan's take on looking at the photo:
"No Aidan Rice (pronounced Wice), why, no Aidan Rice (Wice)?"
You had not come along yet.
Aidan is still thinking on that one as well.
As for me, I need no time think about my decision 7 years ago, he was the guy for me then (14 years total) and still is (and still a cutie after all this time).
Not so much has changed after all, he is still paying the bill at the bar;)
We had a night out in the Marais, which is near Notre Dame and came across this on our way homeWhich in so many ways is our life. Juggling a family in a city that seems so big, surreal, fantastic, horrifying and fabulous all at the same time while being surrounded by a sea of observers.
And what a great life it is with you.
Happy Anniversary, I love you!!!!


patty said...

I remember the day well and you looked gorgeous! :)
Congrats on your lucky 7th year my friend. Lots of love to you both.

Tricia York said...

Happy anniversary, sweet girl! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person in this world that throws sentimental stuff out! Out with the old, in with the new!!!

Marit said...

So what's for the copper gift:-)
Hope you have another 100!(Lebanese saying)

Peggy Rice said...

Thank you ladies! Tricia, I say the more you give away, the more it opens you up for:)
Marit, I do believe my husband is waiting on the French tax bill to see just how big (or small) my copper pot will be:)
I did wake up with the French "penny" under my back this morning. I hope he's not trying to tell me something:)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I still have my dress, I am sentimental and a pack rat but do not expect my daughter to wear it. I will ditch it some day I am sure not like I could fit into it. Anyway I hope you had a great anniversary, I remember the day well to but am no longer bitter.
Love you all

Carol said...

Can it be seven years...Happy Anniversary to you both...keep on going!

Love you,


Mary said...

Happy 7th and many, many more!!!!! You two are amazing. Can't imagine where you will be on #8?
As to throwing old stuff out - go far it, very freeing and spirit lifting.

Sari said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope is was a fun day full of great memories.