Thank you Jesus

If I only told you the good, this blog would not be real.
The fact is, every time I leave this house with two kids I face an ass kicking.
No nap, hunger, meltdowns, it just depends on the day.
But one thing is guaranteed, I WILL get my ass handed to me at some point in the day with two kids in Paris.
Today was no different.
I wanted to just let the kids play and eat ice cream on the roof, but then the guilt hit of not taking them OUT, so off we headed to ice cream and a visit to a nearby park with Susannah and Sabina, plus 6 kids in tow.
It is July in Paris.
Sweeping crowds.

For 10 excruciating minutes in front of Hotel De Ville, I screamed her name, while my girlfriends and complete strangers came to my rescue. I watched sweeping crowds come and go and I could not spot her anywhere. A woman came up to me and pointed towards the police station and as I headed there, still screaming her name, I spotted her. The woman who had her pointed to her and I stopped dead in my tracks and went straight into shaking, crying, feeling like I was going to throw up. Thank you JESUS!
We have had all the conversations about what to do next time, that is, if we ever leave the house again, and I'm pretty sure she gets the point now.
On the way home tonight I asked her what happened and she said, "I couldn't find your pink dress anywhere, all I saw was black. When I can't find you like that it scares me."
That makes two of us.
Thank you Lord for the fact that BOTH of my babies are sleeping peacefully in their beds.


Mary said...

Yes....thank you LORD!!!!
P.S. and LORD keep up the good work.

Cari said...

Oh sister...My heart just sank for you. I'm so happy your kiddos are sleeping safely and soundly in THEIR beds!!
God is good!!
Much love!!
The Red Raider, NOT a longhorn :)

Grita said...

I don't know how you do! It makes me so proud to see the mother you have grown into...especially having known you as a teenager. :-) I can hardly wait for Renee to be the mother of 2 and a boy no less. Keep up the good work.I will keep you in my prayers.

Grandmama said...

We lost Jer in Sears at Christmas time when he was 2-1/2. We each thought the other one had him, then discovered neither one did. Found him in Lawn/Garden on a riding lawnmower...should have known! Anyway, that's a feeling you will NEVER forget...trust me on that one. You did good, Sweet Girl!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

OMG, that is so scary!!! Thankfully she is safe and sound.

Sari said...

Thank God you are all home safe! Hang in there mommy. You're doing a great job! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!

Carol said...

I lost Gregory at JC Penneys...he climbed inside a circular rack and giggled while I went from panic to hysteria...the salesladies where on the the phone with security to lock the store up and call the police when I heard a giggle from inside a sale rack of shirts.....I hugged and kissed and spanked him all at the same time...Love you...she will keep a better eye on you from now on!


Peggy Rice said...

Thank you ladies!!! Your comments always make me smile,cry, and laugh. Grita, you have seen all my sides, and I assure you, this was the ugliest cry I have EVER done!

Tricia York said...

Every parents worst nightmare! So glad that it all turned out OK and that no Amber Alerts were issued!!!