Be careful what you wish for

A week or so back you may recall me saying I wanted a certain little white dog.
I said later in life.
Brandon offered up "our" services to watch a dog just like this one for a little over a week.
He is out of town for this service. I will give the dog this, she is potty trained, but that just means she is going all over my balcony which grosses me out. So after her "toilet time" I am out there with boiling water and bleach. I am officially wiping 3 asses.

Now I am grumpy.
The dog makes just as many messes as the kids.
Three against one, not good.
Cranky mom.
Did I mention we have the "creepy crawlers" at the house. That requires constant cleaning.
Very cranky mom.

The kids have at least caught on to that.

Aidan's hair you ask?
He decided to vacuum it.
I did not stop him, I figure it can't hurt.
He did his sisters as well.
That DID make a very large rat's nest.

We had to get out of the house.

City kid.
This is right before he ran over the foot of the neighborhood drunk.
She didn't even care.
I have seen this woman down a beer like pepto bismol at 9:30am.
That was good for chuckle.
We took the spastic dog to the park.Fresh air, even if it is right next to the highway, is always good.
Know what else was good?
Yesterday's play date.Now that will put a smile on your face.
Happy Weekend.


Jeremy said...

So, I assume you were talking about Jaylee, Aiden and the dogs asses.... what about yours? I'll remember that the next time you sit on my couch. Nasty.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I will send you red bull. It always gives me wings to clean. I am thinking about you and praying for you. I feel your pain. Love the dog, though not in a city.

Peggy Rice said...

Funny sir, very funny, I'm just less grossed out by mine:), but I will let Jaylee sit on your couch after one of HER wipes.

Tricia York said...

OK, I almost had Diet Dr. Pepper come out of my nose once I figured out how Aidan got that awesome hair do! Hilarious! Thanks for laugh!