One of those days

The day started with good intentions.

Get the kids out for a while, do something educational and have a break at the same time.

Too good to be true.


The class I signed Jaylee and Matis up for today was all about wind and the effects of it.

Fun right?


The best part is normally, you drop the kids off and go across the street for a coffee.


Today we had to stay with them.

Aidan had not had a nap and was hungry.

It is amazing that we don't have the plague.

He made it through, not without many a "stank" eye, but we did get through the day!

Life with Jaylee:

Behind a lady on the escalator Jaylee says,

"Mom she put white socks with sandals. That does not look so pretty."



Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Once again Jaylee tells it like it is. mirror images one told me about children, mirror images.

Jon said...

What is that person saying to you in the last picture? You look confused.

Peggy Rice said...

So true Aunt Kerrie.
Jon, I live in a state of confusion. I have no idea what she was trying to tell me, thanks to Aidan crying at my feet, I could not process it all at the same time;)

jaclyn said...

hopefully the woman HEARD the child..
what? she's right.

Mary said...

I think she was telling you the fans are for the children and to stop bogart'n them.....Aidan is telling you not to give'm to her and to get more.

Campbell's House said...

I am always pleased to see you in the pics... and then I wonder, "Who exactly is behind the camera?"

Peggy Rice said...

Funny ladies! My friend Sabina was with me, so I actually got to come out from behind the camera;)

Peggy Rice said...

Renee, I almost forgot, Katy's Krack is homemade fried pies, better than Mrs. Baird;) Tell Grita to make you some!