Stars, Stripes and Polka Dots in Paris

Any excuse to eat fried chicken, potato salad and fried pies on the Eiffel Tower lawn I'm in!
Best potato salad recipe hands down. I'll arm wrestle you over it. You know what else I will arm wrestle you for?You should know I'll kick your ass. I lost count how many I tried/ate after 4. Every flavor the kids decided they didn't need to finish, I made a LARGE sacrifice and did not let one go to waste.Thank you USA for allowing us to live this crazy, wonderful life here in Paris.Did we rest and enjoy the rest of the weekend? No, no we didn't. That is just about every soft toy in the house in those black bags along with just a small portion of the bedding and towels in the house. The rest in hanging out on the porch, Hill Billy style.
Seems we picked up some little critters along the way. The kind of critters that make you itchy and multiple faster than rabbits.
When I say three, I mean we three, I had to take the picture.
My cap is green.


Campbell's House said...

Oh *&^#*$76*#!!! Those buggers are hell to get rid of!

And please, do tell what Katy's Krack is... my pregnant cravings MUST know!!!!

Mary said...

Hummmm..brings back memories, not fun ones. Spray mattress and other surfaces with real weak bleach solution and just get new pillows.
Fourth pics are great!!!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

scI can't believe you blogged it, but now come to think of it I told a few and word in the Valley travels faster than the speed of light. I might as well have blogged it. Take 'em down like Grant took Richmond Peg. Call me if you need moral support. I am here for you.

Peggy Rice said...

Ladies, you know I blog the good, the bad and the ugly! I'm pretty sure I know how Howard Hughes went nuts.

Carol said...

Thanks for the potato salad!!!

We went to a party at a swanky house in North Dallas and they had a TRAY OF POTATO SALAD from Spring Creek Barbeque...to their credit they also had this yummy black eyed pea dip with avocado and fresh tomatos...


And my new favorite saying "Like Grant took Richmond"!!! LOVE IT!

Love you...though not the critters,