Randomness in my head

This blog post is just a bit of the randomness that floats around in my head during the days.

It's hot today, very hot. Jaylee could not see wearing her sandals. "Patty Hescock wore COWBOY boots with HER dresses!" Thank you Miss Hescock, for adding just a bit MORE spice to her wardrobe. Upon looking at herself she declared, "tres cool".

Summer means I have both kids at all times, by my lonesome, fun yes, difficult at times, yes.

If I would have seen this sight in Texas I would have had a lot to say about the mother pushing this mess. Here, I see no problem pushing a barefooted, chocolate faced child with a stroller loaded to the gills complete with a bottle of wine. The cashiers at the store they had an opinion. We were at a different store than our normal and the ladies were talking about how "blonde (blanche) the kids were and they were cute, but bien sur (certainly) they were tourists". Jaylee follows it up with a slow, but very loud count, "1, 2, 3, 4 they all look the same mom!" They were all Asian. I left with a smile and wished them a "Bon weekend". What are you going to do, she's 5?

Finally I leave you with a bit of advice. Jaylee has a friend spending the night and her mom does not buy hot dogs. I did clear it with her first to make sure it was okay, that our friend eat them, I was under strict orders by Jaylee that her friend had requested them. She said yes. In less than an hour, our little friend has eaten 5 hot dogs (no buns). When I said no more at three, I find her in the refrigerator eating a raw hot dog. Before I can get it from her hands she shoves the entire thing in her mouth. People, do not make any food a "forbidden" they WILL get it eventually and then they over consume! My parents did not keep candy in the house. Beth's parents did. I have fond memories of sleepovers and standing in front of her cupboards eating as much candy as possible while Beth ate none. I'm pretty sure it goes for just about anything in life. If you forbid it, they want it more, same goes for food.


patty said...

Tres Cool indeed Jaylee! :)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

She looks hot, and lets face it she gets all her ability to verbalize freely from her Mother. That is what makes her so wonderful. Aidan is handsome and those messy white trash pics are the ones you will love most.

Mary said...

I think they look great. Something 'bout apple not far from tree.....
Have you forgotten the fashion pics Renee showed earlier???
As to forbidden food items, they were not forbidden, just not purchased.

Peggy Rice said...

;), that's why I love my mom!