City camping

So much to do, that you just don't have time for a nap

until you just pass out.

Why was he so tired? Camping. Auntie Kerrie is giddy right now.

Jaylee loves tents and the "thought" of camping (she has never been) and so today I finally gave in, CITY STYLE. I pulled out her old princess bed and used it as a tent frame. They played all day on the balcony and then begged to sleep there as well.

Bedtime story a la tent.

They tried hard to sleep there, but the City is not a quiet place.

Maybe I'll sleep there.

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Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I love it. They are roughing it more than I do, no more tent to me I upgraded to a trailer. I need to find them my white trash shirt!!! Have fun Peg and we miss you all so much.