Living well

Even though last year was our first year here, I am counting this our first real summer here. I don't have that nervousness in my stomach anymore and life feels so much more natural this summer. This is the first summer (last year does not count seeing as we were fresh off of move to a new country!) that I have not worked while the kids where on summer holiday and I LOVE it!

We are relaxing and loving it...we even made a calendar to show when and what we are doing complete with stickers for vacation and play dates, plus plenty of blank spots to do whatever we feel like. I must be honest, that calendar serves a few purposes, it puts an end to "how many days till Elsa spends the night, what are we doing in the morning, etc..", plus it helps figure out what today is, what yesterday was and what tomorrow will be. It is working like a charm.

Next up, a clock! "How long until they get here..."

Here's to a great summer!


patty said...

"How long till they get here?" ....one dora the explorer episode....or 5! :)

Peggy Rice said...

funny girl!