Bastille Day

Let's start with a BIG thank you for all your emails and comments!
Sometimes, Paris gives me a bit of a pessimistic view, but thanks to all of you and the amazing people yesterday, I am feeling very good about the human race;)
Sabina called today and asked, "Don't you feel so proud to be an American today?"
I was not sure what she was talking about, but then she filled me in on her view of the happenings yesterday.
Susannah took the river side of the street, I took the street corner and Sabina took the front of Hotel De Ville. She, like me, had complete strangers asking what they could do and then setting out amongst themselves organizing groups to try and find Jaylee. However, I could not focus on the languages coming at me, somehow instinctively, I understood them and responded coherently. On the other hand, all of Sabina's people were American tourists. I do know this, the woman who found Jaylee was French.
So, here are my thoughts, God Bless all of YOU, and see, WE CAN all work together;).

That being said, we didn't leave the house today. I'm still freaked out.
Want an activity to keep kids busy, not fighting, challenge their senses and introduce some science (physical changes), oh, yes and peace and quiet for you to have a coffee. I got this from one the blogs that I follow.

Fill a bowl with lots of different textured toys from around the house and add water. Freeze it. A day or two later pull it out, give the kids squirt bottles and preferably "pretend" screw drivers, I obviously like to play with fire and handed out real tools, and then let your kids at it. Jaylee was filled with questions, but Aidan was just pleased I was letting him use water, hammer and dig all at the same time. The best part, they STILL are not done with it. Another bonus, crowd free.

How do you finish off this kind of day? Let the kids stay up until 11:00 for a fireworks show like no other, wrapped in blankets on our ROOF! I might live in the ugliest building in Paris, but it has one of the best views around.


Sari said...

What a neat activity for the kids. Way to go mommy! Love the pics of the fireworks!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Hey Brandon told me about yesterday, to flipping scary. Love you all and the pictures are great. If you didn't need this vacation you certainly do now!!! Hey by the way, did you get rid of your hitchhikers?