Why not?

Aidan must have decided since the refrigerator was so empty, he might as well fill it up! I spent the morning grocery shopping online for the first time. I am very excited to try this rather than my normal nervous gathering with the children in the Franprix. Yesterday, we ventured out to the big grocery store, Monoprix, much like target, only more expensive and less massive. While waiting to check out Jaylee says, "MOM, look at the man eating cherries with the whole seed." He is the man in front of us.
"Yes, yes, don't worry about it babe."
Now, of course I am watching him and thinking goodness, there will be nothing left soon. Then suddenly a thought came to mind. Here in France they love extra steps and at the store, before you leave the produce department you weigh your stuff and tag it, except, not by yourself, you must stand in line to have a far from happy person do it for you. Who by the way, does NOT touch your sack. He gives you the ever popular head nod as if to say, "go ahead, I'm not doing it for you". Watching this man, I now know why they tag it before you get to the check out. As he starts to eat even faster, because the woman in front of us has a large amount, Jaylee gets more concerned, "MOM he's eating ALL of them."
As he finished off the bag, he ties up the pits in the empty bag, pulls some change from his pocket and walks up to the woman in front of him. He taps her on the shoulder, hands her his slimy pit bag and money and walks OFF! The lady and the cashier both look at each other, giggle, shrug their shoulders and keep going. Now that is importance for you! What the crap?!! There is a joke about standing in line in Paris, but this one takes the cake. Now, imagine for a moment if you will, a mother with two children blocking the isle as others are trying to shop as well. They can't be bothered with waiting in line to pay, they certainly cannot be bothered by children!
I have high hopes for shopping online!!!
No worries I'm not locking myself in, we will still torture the produce woman by letting Aidan run wild and completely destroy her perfectly displayed food and bags. Now they try to bribe him with strawberries to keep his hands busy! As for the butcher, he is even getting used to Aidan's nasty hands all over his glass display, thankfully he is not bribing him with raw meat.


Carol said...

Sounds like New York City!!!

My childhood memories include a huge, hairy Italian man screaming "NO TOUCH" at me when I would go with my mother to the vegetable stand. Even at the grocery store they had one!

Love you,


Peggy Rice said...

Today Aidan said "pas ca". I am certain he hears no more times in a day, than most children!!!

York Family said...

Another day in the life of Peggy Rice! So funny! Thanks for the laugh, girl!