Car note

This is what our car note looks like in Paris.

A navigo pass. This will get you on every bus, metro, tram and RER in Paris for 53-54 Euros a month. If you are not in town, no worries, just pay for a week. Don't you wish GMC/Ford did that? Next month we will be on vacation for two weeks in the south of France, so I will be paying half a car note. The way I see it, the perfect excuse to buy the cutest swimsuit cover/beach top from Petit Bateau you've ever seen on a girl sipping cocktails in the South of France while her children are in Kid's Club!

I tried to make this picture bigger, but failed. A blessing in disguise, Carol asked for no more tear jerkers, so it is a blessing that it is not bigger. It could possibly make you cry. The day I took it, I looked at the photo and thought, huh, so that's what I look like on a day to day basis in Paris. Scary folks, very scary.

A woman that I see on a regular basis at the park, but has never spoken to me, asked me to watch her children today while she "cherche de la glacée", which I understood to be, "while I go buy/look for ice cream". She has 5 children. I have two children and the thought of taking them both to the grocery store gives me a panic attack from time to time. No wide Target isles folks, we are talking close contact shopping. Five children in Paris, wow. I of course agreed, with my best broken French and she did not even give me the stink eye, she turned and off she went. Now, that is a woman, after I looked at her and then down at my Navigo Pass, I thought, huh, not as bad as it could BE! Then I got nervous, what if she pulls a crazy mom move and doesn't come back for these 5 children?

I am happy to report that I am peacefully sipping wine with my TWO children sleeping in their beds. Did I mention that we are potty training? I got "sprinkled" today, but at least he was on the toilet. Jaylee was far from impressed.


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Mary said...

Enjoy this time, you're just a few years from doing head count through out the house, bike roof launch into pool, Aidan "frosting" Jaylee's birthday cake, etc...