It was a great day today!
From the line of my favorite movie Hope Floats...my cup runneth over.
Literally one of those days, that you know it's too good and your too happy, that you start to get nervous that it could all be taken away in the blink of eye, but you try to block that nasty thought out. Yep, we had a day that good.
First off, report card day at Jaylee's school. What a kid! She has come so far. Last time I left there with tears because I was so sad for her and today I left there with slight tears in my eyes, because I was so proud of her. NO, no I do not have PMS.

Next up, well this is for Jeremy.I woke up to the sound of the camera and just laughed, I deserved it. I must mention, when I take the pictures of him "breaking" in the couch he has no clue it has been done. Mother's sleep with one eye open. I also, think it's completely funny that Jaylee and I sleep alike! If anyone from the family is reading, you could just add Tia right in the middle and we would all be sleeping just the same. I have not starting sleeping with vitamin E oil slathered on my face, but give me time.

The whole family woke up refreshed and we headed to the park. We never went to the park nearly this much at home, but I am so glad we do here. We are unhooked from technology and totally at peace, however we never completely let our guard down, thanks to all the dog Sh*# on the ground, details.

Big steps towards growing up are going on here at Rue Rice! Jaylee only takes showers these days and if you haven't noticed from her outfit choices, she has also omitted me from ALL clothing decisions. I now know why Gap sells collections. Before, I would have considered buying one of each item in the "collection" as offensive as I find those "Bed-in-a-Bag" sold at department stores, but now I'm thinking if I buy one of every piece we might eventually end up with at least one coordinating outfit! She is watching as dad takes off the training wheels.
Outfit breakdown: Brown dress with purple flowers. Turquoise tights. Ariel socks. Pink sandals and raincoat. Hot pink head band.
Completely happy with her choices and ready to go.
I watched from a distance, Jaylee master yet another skill on her own and behind me sat Aidan perfectly content in the sand box wearing big boy underwear (we are going cold turkey this weekend on the diapers). It is rewarding and saddening at the same time to watch them need me less and less. When they were babies they needed me all the time, now they want Daddy more and more, which is perfect by me, but still gives me a slight pain:)Here's to a fantastic Dad!!!!


Jon said...

Good job Jaylee! She is doing great on the bike. Tell her Uncle Jon will build her a ramp when she gets back to the states. She should start with a quarter pipe ramp and work her way to a half pipe. Street tricks are easiest if you do them on pavement that has some traction.

Carol said...

Quit making me cry!!!!

Happy Father's Day Brandon!

and remember, the children that are raised right leave home!

Love to you all,


Peggy Rice said...

Jon-very funny! If Aidan starts digging "hide outs" in the back yard I will also give you a call for design help:)
Carol-okay, okay, I have some funny French stories up my sleeve I have not shared in a while!

Carol said...

Funny stories - good!

Whoever this Jon person is, he sounds dangerous!


Copper Rabbit said...

23rd Psalm came before Hope Floats

Copper Rabbit said...

Jaylee is the most independent wonderful little girl. I love that about her.

Mary said...

The baby birds chirping in the background as they leave their nests couldn't have been a better sound track for this.
Brandon....HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!!
You done good.
Love ya

Campbell's House said...

MaryVan and I are on the same page... the birds chirping were perfect!
Great footage! Rock on!