I did not shed a tear! Perhaps it's because I had no idea of what they were saying, so my emotions did not go all over the place, but OOOO how proud I was of her today.
A year ago this little girl could not hold her pencil correctly, she certainly could not write in cursive and she only knew of France from the books Fancy Nancy.
So much can change in a year!
Thanks to such a great teaching staff and school for making her feel perfectly at home, she is now proudly writing in "cursly", speaking unbelievably well in French and has made some memories to last a lifetime. She is brave and yet tender and when I think of all she has accomplished it brings a smile to my face.
Often I have mixed emotions of Paris, but one thing that has never been mixed are my feelings about the education here. I literally get nervous thinking of coming home and putting the kids in school in the states. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. 16 kids, 3 teachers, French and English, spoken effortlessly, you can't get that everywhere. I feel unbelievably blessed today, to be able to do this for our children. Thank you Pretty!
Did we have another child? Nope. That's Elza, Jaylee's buddy that we walk home with everyday and you can officially call her Aidan's first crush. However, she only has eyes for Marius, but don't tell Aidan!

However, all good things must come to an end and the last day of school is sadly next Friday. Next year all these precious kids will begin new schools all over Paris and eventually all over the world. So today we are thankful for such a great opportunity to get to know each and everyone of them if only for a little while.

Graduation is a time
For feeling very proud,
For thinking lots of lovely thoughts
And saying them out loud.
It's a time for feeling love
About to overflow,
And just before it leaps its banks,
To let the loved one know.
And so we're very proud of you
For being who you are,
For making something of yourself,
For making it this far.
We are proud because we are a part
Of everything you do.
This time's the time to say how much
Love we have for you.


Carol said...

Well you made me cry!

Love and hugs and kisses to all....especially Jaylee.

And don't worry about her education here in the States...the smart ones always rise to the top no matter where they are.

Love you,


Campbell's House said...

Rock on, Miss Jaylee!!!
You're growing up and I am growing out! I'll send you a pic of the ever growing belly. My belly button is officially a thing of the past! xoxoxo!!!