The girls are out!

I spent a great day with this girl today.
Meet Patty. She is fun loving, free spirited and lightens any mood in the room when she enters. I can officially say she "lightened" the mood in Paris today. As we boarded the bus this morning to drop Jaylee for her LAST day of school, we had exact change for the bus driver, he was overly friendly about it. Odd.
After dropping Jaylee we stopped for a coffee. The waiter smiled, and even apologized for forgetting my strawberry jam. Odd. Finally, we boarded the bus to return home and she didn't have the correct change, the driver smiles, gives her money back and says "un cadeaux"/"a gift".
Okay, okay, yes she is perfectly golden brown with long silky brown hair, but I just felt like maybe there was something more that was turning heads all morning. Was it her infectious smile and laugh? Was it her cute French sprinkled with just enough Latin flavor? No, no, perhaps there was something else. What could it be, that was turning all these Parisians into smiling happy people before 10am?The market has never been so fun. Heads turning at every point. Ladies and gentleman, that is 5 people with heads turned sporting facial expressions resembling smiles and admiration.
Further down the street, the cherry on top of the day came from some local man hole workers right before they were about to descend, "Bonjour, Paris!", they declare as they see her.
Wish me luck, the last time I blogged about a friend, she responded back with "not the day to "F" with me"...conversation has been next to none since then;).


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Sh*it Peg, nothing is off limits with you. But that is what we all love about you

Jon said...

WOW! I thought the bar service was good. Even better job Patty.