For Yo

I have a degree in Nutrition.
Sometimes, by my food choices you cannot tell, but I do.
I believe everything in moderation.
I believe in butter over margarine.
I think if you are going to drink coke, drink the real thing and only have one a day. Diet sucks for so many reasons.
I don't believe in making food an issue (trust me, dietitians are like shrinks, we have all had problems at one time or another).
My issue?
Let's just say it is not a good idea for dance teams, in high school, to line young girls up on Monday mornings for a "weigh in" to see if you are allowed to dance for the week or not. If your weight is too heavy (determined by the severe accuracy of your wrist size!), you don't dance. You sit on the side and watch all your girlfriends dance and you don't dance. And one more thing, it is really not a good idea to do this in the guys weight lifting room! While I'm on the soap box, let me just go ahead and get a few more things off my chest. The officers doing the weight calculations, I'm pretty sure were exempt from the weigh in because some of their asses probably would not have made the cut! That rant is for an old friend of mine who didn't always make the cut.
So, long story short, when you do this you get a bunch of girls who for the most part stop eating on Saturday night just to make sure they weigh in on the "light" side. Dumb. Very, very dumb!
Or you get Renee, Beth and I who decide that it is just best to eat a chocolate sundae for lunch instead of real food. Thankfully, in spite of ourselves, we all grew into smart ladies.
Okay, stepping down from the soap box. Thank you for your attention.
Back to the food.
I am not a strict food person. My friend Yo, a very close friend and dietitian, she is. She has strong opinions and she will let you know. Recently, on her blog she declared that she does not care for a certain cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. Confession, I have it. Loved it, read all the parts of it and we use it. Sorry Yo. I love you regardless of your shoe choices, so you still have to love me! That being said, I also have kids that love eating whole cucumbers, carrot salad, donuts, couscous, and the occasional coke. She is going nuts right now. That's why I love her.
I like food, I like blogs and that's how I came across dinner tonight. Once I can find the link I will link this. It called for hot dogs, but I had sausage in the house and I think it was even better. Food snobs get ready...

My kids think I'm super hero tonight!That would be sausage cut into sections, speared with spaghetti. While they are cooking in the boiling water for say 10 minutes, sit back and enjoy your kids.Beyonce, has nothing on these two!Dinner is served. I added peas and Parmesan cheese. If you wanted to keep it white trash, it was recommended to add Mac-n-Cheese sauce to the top. Stay with me Yo, I didn't do it (only because they don't have it here!!!). So, how could I make this meal a bit more white trash you ask?Serve it outside.


Brandon said...

I definitly think Dad needs to be home a little more often!!

Carol said...

I too believe in eating "real" food...Butter has been around for a long time...it is only when you eat too much or drink too much that it is a problem..Genius meal...I like Deceptively Delicious...my kids are too old to use it, but there are some good ideas to make anything more nutrious. I did make them the pancakes with pumpkin and they were a big hit.

And the meal looks yummy!

Love you,


Campbell's House said...

Nice rant.

And, thanks for ratting me out on the sundaes for lunch... While I don't do that any more, I do highly recommend substituting a nice bottle of red wine for dinner (or any meal really).

I think we may be drinking champagne in the recovery room this time around. Breastfeeding nazis be damned! :)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

But Peggy, I don't like regular pop but a ice cold diet pepsi hits the spot! And I love you but that dinner looks gross. You lost me at the peas.

Sari said...

I love you woman! You brought back some old memories. I'm laughing as I write. Do you remember everyone gathering around while I was ON the scale and saying "there's no way you weigh that much!"? If you look at the old pictures, I was tall, skinny, long and lanky (sp.), but weighed 150lbs.....and they said I was big boned! Whatever Mrs. Blocker!!! Thank God I was oblivious.

Hugs my friend :)

jeanne said...

Maybe a blanket underneath the plates?

Jennifer said...

Peggy, you are a funny girl! I love following your blog and am happy that other moms are going through the same insane life we call being a mother. Carter says hi!

Christoffer said...

So true about the dancing squad! Show 'em how it's done Peggy