It happened

I knew the day was coming when Jaylee would know and speak better French than me.
It came.
Yesterday, we had some mom and daughter time that was interrupted by a rain shower.
We darted into McDonald's (I must say it was tasty) for lunch and to escape the rain. While ordering for Jaylee, my mind went blank and I could not remember the words for "no pickles please". So, I ask Jaylee just in case she might know and calm as a cucumber she looks at the lady and in perfect French, that I could not even understand, says "I prefer no pickles please". The lady zoning in on the fact that my daughter is a bit better then me, bypasses me and asks her what she would like to drink (I did understand that) to which Jaylee responds " a water please", in French of course.
What 5 year old, when given the chance to outsmart mom, picks water with a hamburger and fries?


patty said...

i find that totally awesome! yes, please forgive my californian slang!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

If Christian could type, I'd have him write something to Jaylee in Texan, as only Christian could do!!! It would be fun to follow their conversations!! Missed you at Joe T's last week with Roxy and Teresa.