I like cheap therapy.
This blog is cheap therapy, I think you know that by now.
Garage sells, my new cheap therapy.
I never knew my heart could race so fast at the thought of others peoples junk. Literally, my feet could not walk fast enough to see the next person/pusher. French junk is good junk. You know what's even better? French junk on a sunny day with the pushers drinking wine, eating, smiling and being down right friendly helping me with my French.
The French do garage sells as they should be done. They organize the whole street to sell on the same day and then at the end of the day there is a party so you can get to know your neighbors. I do believe that is city living at it's finest.
It is no secret that I suffer from bouts of anxiety in this city. You never know why or when, but I always know I am heading for some good ole' anxious feeling when my eye starts to twitch. So, if you see a crazy looking American walking down the street, pushing a stroller with her eye twitching that's me. However, if you see an American girl pulling a shopping cart, walking as is if she might need a restroom, sporting two child like braids on a Sunday morning that's me too, filled with excitement trying to walk and not run to the nearest pusher of French Junk! (can you say run 0n sentence?)
Welcome, to Sunday morning therapy/church service (it brought me peace, does that count?)
Aidan developed croup Saturday night, so I initially left the house in search of a pharmacy that would be open to buy a humidifier. I take a right out of the building and then at the second corner a left and find this.

New. Never been used and the lady was not even sure of what it was. I did, we had the frog version in the States. You know what I took this as? A sign. A sign that I was meant to shop and shop I did.Sweet therapy.

Do want to see what one euro can do to wake up a simple lamp from Target?

I love retail therapy!!!!!


Jenn_Vegas said...

I love it ALL! It brings a whole new meaning to garage(street) sales. Is this every weekend or just a few times a month?

Campbell's House said...

I get the same anxious eye twitch at the mere thought of having/hosting a garage sale! Although, next time I get conned into it by Mom and Heather and I definitely am going to insist on cocktails! Mimosas at a bare minimum...

Becky said...

Why can't I find sales like this in the states? All I see if CRAP spread out all over the drive way with some trailor park trash wrote all over it. You cleaned up well....

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Aren't you lucky, that doesn't look like it came from Cataldo Kmart AKA the dumpsters which is where most of our garage sale holders shop. I finally gave up going to them

Peggy Rice said...

Ladies it was sooo much fun! I guess each district/neighborhood organized these at this time of year. I saw the signs but didn't understand them and then my French teacher told me what they meant, so glad she did!