Rare things

It's rare to see this walking down Avenue Emile Zola.
It's also rare to see me with a big smile plastered across my face, wheeling other peoples junk across town to my house, but I did it happily!!!

My friends neighborhood had their garage sale this past weekend. We met up and the rest is history! It was fun to have her with me, not just because I like her, but because she is fluent in French and picks up on so many things that I would miss. This rug is from an old man on the corner and when she asked him how much he says, "I'm asking 40 euros, but I'll give it to you for 30." It was a wedding gift from his wife's aunt 40 years ago! Sold. We also found this little number as we were leaving and I'm so glad she talked me into it. Funny how easy it is to talk me into a purchase when she goes, "come on, it's only 10 euros". Sold again.

Rare finds in Paris I love it!

You know what else is rare in Paris? A smile. But when it's a rainy day and you see this guy coming at you...

try as they may and try as they might, they just couldn't help themselves!

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Mary said...

Cutiest fireman I've seen and the most beautiful ballet star/diva ever!!!!
Nut'n better than a happy Mommy.
Shop 'til ya drop, Ahhhh, life is good.