What I do

Brandon is always asking what I do all day. He cannot bear to imagine what I will DO with ALL that time next year when both kids are in school all day.
So, I thought I would show my dear husband a little of what goes on here in Paris while he is away "seeing the world" as Jaylee puts it, she also calls it "vacation". All kidding aside, he really does work and we are very proud of him, and I do get a break when he "visits" us on the weekends. He walks in the door and Aidan does not make eye contact with me again. In the meantime, I have a LOT of contact with my little man.
That washing and ironing fairy does not live here. I do it. However, there is always help at my feet.

What can I say, he likes me.

I also, read a LOT about trains, planes and automobiles. If I'm not reading them, he is following me with them.

I am also a part time nurse and giver of magic kisses.Tripped over his own feet at Elana's today.

Last, but far from least, I continue to torture myself by taking the kids to the library and play dates on days like this!

When we left the house, it was clear. Forecast made no mention of rain. We left without umbrellas or coats. Thank you Paris!

So what will I do with ALL of this time next year? I have plenty of ideas...


Carol said...

Now that I have been working full time for over a year, my sweet husband of 29 years has had to learn to help with dinner and housework...he was good at all of those when we first met, but his skills atrophyed from lack of use over the years...he is also learning to go to the grocery store and how to shop for his own underwear!!! Sometimes he is bitter that the shopping and ironing and cleaning faries abandoned us, but overall he is handling it well ;-)

On the other hand...working 50+ hours a week is not much fun either!

Love you and hugs and kisses to the kids.


Peggy Rice said...

Hi Carol!
Our roles have switched! I joke with Brandon that he has not touched a dish since we moved here! Do you get the summers off? Take care and love ya!