When we first moved to Paris and lived in the tiny apartment our window looked out on a little danse school, Ecole De Danse Nathalie Gustine, I hoped one day Jaylee would go to this school.
After a horrible experience at another school, Jaylee's friend pulled some strings and we were in Ecole De Danse!
Jaylee loved it from the first day!
Last night was her recital.
She got to wear makeup, a big deal for a little girl. I remember my recitals and getting to wear my mother's make up. She had every shade that Estee Lauder ever made! Right down to aqua blue, my personal favorite during my youth. Jaylee was very disappointed to find out that I did not own a RED lipstick. Where is cousin Angie when a girl needs her?
That perfect bun in her hair, I was instructed to do it by detailed instructions in French that translated to "perfect condition". I pulled a Mary. My mother was French even if she did not know it. My bun was in "perfect condition", every time. I copied my childhood tradition, right down to a spanking mid bun due to all the complaining coming from my subject. I have no excuses.
One thing that differed dramatically from my childhood was this show! We would head out to the nearest gymnasium or show barn and the show would begin.
We are no longer in South Texas folks.In the shadows of the Eiffel Tower last night we dropped our daughter to a suited man complete with ear phone and off she went. No parents allowed. Then we stood in line...and through a security check point complete with Xray of bags. I guess the Pleasant High School Gym and the UNESCO building are not the same.
Let the show begin. She was too cute and she did good!!!
We sat there watching her grow up before our eyes. This is the age group for next year, I can't believe this will be us in just a short year!The girly mom in me can't wait!
They do have a jazz section, but that was just too funny. They had little girls dancing to "I want to take a ride on your disco stick" they classified it as the Disco era. Sometimes things just don't translate the same. You know I have video, I will post soon! It is so bad it make you smile and hide from embarrassment at the same time. Brandon said, "I have to look away". If any of you are not familiar with Disco Stick, click HERE. Funny.
In the meantime, I am so happy we are still in the sweet stage.Here's to being a little girl!Have a great weekend and stay tuned for video!


Copper Rabbit said...

I am going to frame the close-up. My house already looks like a Chris, Minnie, Jaylee shrine so what is one more picture going to hurt? Aidan is still only a minor deity; however since he is now speaking he is gaining in popularity.

Shelley Lynn said...

Daugther's dance recitals always seem to amaze us parents when we see how much our girls achieve when someone else can get them to be so disciplined! I always had to find a sister-in-law to do the hair buns and makeup for me, so be proud of your perfect bun skills! Looking forward to the video, And Aiden is the cutest little boy on the whole planet!

York Family said...

These are precious, Peggy! Jaylee is adorable and is making some priceless memories. How many women can say that they were ballerinas in France when they were little?! You're such a good mommy for whipping out that bun like a pro! You go girl!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I can't wait to see the video!!! She looks beautiful. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that had to break out the spanking in order to get the makeup and hair done for the recital!!