Drying out

I've told you about my best friend in Paris, Maurille, I love her. I found out that she turns 89 in September! Most days she rings our bell at about 5:30 and the kids yell MIMI! We all run out the door and everyone takes their "normal" postilion around the small table assembled for our afternoon cocktail. Coke for the kids, port for me (I finally had to tell her that straight Vodka is not for me!), whiskey for her and an assortment of mystery foods. I have eaten more mystery cured meats and breads with cured mystery meat baked inside that would make most vegetarians and hunters alike queasy. Most nights I have to eat double because the kids are busy handing theirs over to me as well! With each bite, I think, yep, this is the night that food poisoning is finally going to have it's way with me and each night I am surprised that I am not sick. I am starting to think it's the amount of alcohol that she feeds me that is keeping me safe! Ah, but I have sad news today, Mimi and Herve left for their country houses today! That's right I said houses, they have two! As Jaylee puts it, "EVERYONE has a country house mom!" Poor baby, she doesn't have a country house. They are gone until September. What am I to do!?
Time for Mama Rice to dry out.
So long sweet port, till September.


Grandmama said...

When do we get to see a picture of Mimi & Herve?? I feel like she's my new best friend!
Pretty, get that child a country house!!
Miss you all, Deb

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

The time will go fast and it will do your liver good. At least you finally told her a bout the vodka. I was worried LOL