Christmas in Juin (June)

I stopped in for a cafe creme at one of my favorite cafes today. I love this one so much because they have tons of space (okay, you don't have to move tables to sit down...it's Paris people) and a wall of windows for sunshine and prime people watching.Why is my favorite place empty? Because it was 25C today and they were all sitting outside enjoying the sun and smoking cigarettes to cool off.
Not only was it nice and empty upstairs, but the guy at the counter (barista I suppose) finally made it known that he can crack a smile. The Barista, well, let's just say he takes a while to crack. I have been coming here for a while now and there is no cracking him, even with my bad French. Today I cracked him.
I mentioned it was 25C and full sun today and we all know it's Juin. So, I was a bit surprised to find my smile less friend singing along to English Christmas carols. I order my usual and changed it up a bit by finally asking what the other flavors of cakes in the box where instead of just taking what I know the names of. To which he entertained me with very slow, child like French. I don't even find this an insult any longer, I find it down right helpful. I answered back with an equal child like response, ANANAS (pineapple). Normally as he makes my order I just sit there thinking of nothing, today I was repeating over and over in my head "Noel en Juin?" with just enough sarcasm and wit in the tone. It worked! He not only cracked a smile, but laughed too.
I'm pretty sure he said something like this, "it's a mix, I like it and hey why not? Today is better than Noel with such great strong sun."
Little does he know, I consider his smile, laugh and finally hearing him speak at a normal rate in French a fabulous Christmas gift on today, this fine day in June.
Merry Christmas Y'all.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

It that the shopping day cafe? Where Jordan learned her love of chocolate bios ? I believe so!!! Loved the cafe cremes and FRESH squeezed orange juice. It makes me miss it but we had a female barista. Oh by the way, were you witty or a smart*ss, it can be a fine line with. Wish I could have met the man to make you smile!!

Peggy Rice said...

That is the cafe indeed! I wish you were there too.

patty said...

Enjoyed that story! Mad me smile. I remember when I finally cracked the supermarket checkout girl. Yeah, that took TWO years. Hope to see you soon! If I don't run off for a job in Europe or off the coast of Spain, I'll be seeing you in Paris this July!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I had to google 25c to determine the temperature.... but, I see very nice day in Paris!!! I'm a little behind on your blog, catching up tonight with a nice glass of wine!!