Let there be order

Left to himself, oddly enough he does not go for a princess dress.
He spends an entire day with cars.
The whole day.
We stayed in Pj's all day, napped, played and ate (well, I ate more than him, but all the same).

He lined them up just so. He knows EVERY car that his dad brings him home from trips. He puts them to sleep just like you would a baby and tells me to "Shhhhh".

When he and the cars woke from their naps, he was at it again. I on the other hand, I took a small break and talked on the phone. Things must have gotten messy. He even picked his favorite movies that he plays over and over. I always tell him NOT to touch because they will get DIRTY. He is listening and watching.


Becky said...

Maybe it is a European thing because Jaycee did this when he was little. Lined them up, color specific, brand specific, with the bumpers lined up perfectly. And D#@$ the fool who touched the car!!! The little redheaded one hath no mercy.....now 17 years later those cars are still priceless to him in a container (and a bit to me....)

Peggy Rice said...

Should I be worried that he sleeps with at least two each nigt?:)

Carol said...

No! My boys slept with cars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Legos and Teddy Bears...and they are just fine!

I loved to spend one on one time with my boys...rare but very special.

Love you!