My mother called me out on my slow posting this week. That's what mom's are for.
So sorry to keep you all waiting, but there is something different at our house.
Even though Jaylee was sick I let her go on "vacation". She was going to a farm, so I figured if she came down with swine flu, she would be amongst fellow swine!
It is very common for French school children to go away at this age with just their teachers and classmates. She is riding ponies, milking goats, making homemade bread, you name it she is doing it! The school sends us two emails a day to let us know how the days are going. I am very proud of her, but more proud of myself for being so calm with this. The first day I was a mess with worry, then I got the first email and knew she was loving it.

So, now I'm hanging out with ONE child. It is a breath of fresh air to be reminded of how simple life can be.
No melt downs over clothes. NO melt downs about the way I did or did NOT do something. We are even out the door on time and make it to school with time to spare.
ONE is not a lonely number.
It is a number that let's me reconnect with one child at a time.
A few things Aidan has taught me in the past few days:
  • He just might like Strawberry Shortcake more than I did.
  • He is neat and tidy. He plays with a toy and puts it back (his sister is the guilty party).
  • He does not care if you skip pages, he rather likes it.
  • When in doubt, just sit down and play cars.
  • He is a whiz kid at puzzles.
  • Boys are far less complicated than girls.

So, if I'm a bit slow at posting just know that I'm probably doing something very IMPORTANT, like pondering world peace over a game of cars. Okay, more like our next meal from PICARD (frozen food store, think Schwann's man), or will I workout and have my ass handed to me by the Wii lady or will I watch a movie and have a cocktail. The possibilities are endless...


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

It had to be difficult to let Jaylee go but I am proud of you, It is nice to enjoy one on one time with a child. I hope that Jay had a great time at the farm and you got a little break. Now go have a cafe creme for me!

Jeremy said...

I've been waiting for this for a loooong time... regarding the Strawberry Shortcake comment:

Mary said...

Great to hear J's Vacation is going smoothly and Aidan is getting Me & Mom Time. Enjoy!!!

Jenn_Vegas said...

Just had lunch with Patty and Angie. Patty and want to plan a trip to visit you. Those pictures of Aidan are amazing!

Campbell's House said...

A boy after my own heart! I LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberry shortcake!

And major Texas props for cutting the cord and letting her go away. Miss Independence will be just fine. I am sure she is in charge, by now!
Love ya!

Copper Rabbit said...

I love Aidan's hair like that. I just want to squeeze him.