She's back!

What a happy time!
She was all smiles running with her hands up in the air running towards me or so I thought. That was the reaction when she saw Christine, the principle! While she is hugging her THEN she sees me. One long hug later and she was talking nonstop..."She saw bunnies give birth, she milked a goat, went on nature walks, rode horses, made homemade bread, fed pigs and I cracked my head open".
Yes, I see that.
"I was running and slipped on a rock, but I'm fine now".
There is a nice size split above her eye, that should have been stitched and we are going to need a new set of lens. What can I say, we are THAT family:) When Christine came up and said, "I didn't put that in the email, I didn't want you to worry." I just smiled. Yes, I'm very happy she did not put that in an email too.
Finally, Jaylee asked me if I missed her and of course I said yes.
I asked her if she missed me and she said, "No".

After all of my hesitation of letting my five year old go away without ME, I am so glad I did. She is so proud of herself! What an experience to have. The first day she left I was in a panic, thinking what had I done!!! Then Christine sent the first of many emails telling us what the kids did during their days and I was at peace. I am glad I let go!

We will drop her camera off for developing and I will post more when we get them back.

In the meantime, Pretty is surprising us with a trip away this weekend! I don't know where we are going but I know I have to get packed, we leave in the morning!!!

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Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I am so happy she is home and all is well. And she is just so independent that she just won't admit how much she missed you. Hope you have a great Mothers Day and I know where you are going. :-)