Fashion Rules

These rules are not mine, so I can't be blamed for them, but they sure are funny. Tourist time in Paris is upon us and I have to say I smile every time I see an American. We stand out! Not me of course, I'm cool now:). Trust me I still stand out, but I think the two kids yelling at me in English might have something to do with it. Left by myself with a silent Aidan in the stroller I am the go to woman on the street for directions. Everyday people stop me and ask me for directions, so I must look like I know a thing or two, then I open my mouth and try to respond.
Dead giveaway that I'm not French.
So click HERE to find out how NOT to look like a tourist in Paris (her entire blog is great).
You know what else I like about this guy? He mentions the ridiculous MC Hammer pants that are gaining popularity here.
Now for my confession time, last summer I wore flip flops in Paris. There I said it. Does it count that they were Havaianas and Chaco? You know what? I'm going to do it again.


Jeremy said...

Peg - I make every effort to look like an American while over here.

Copper Rabbit said...

The low crotch pants are a traditional Turkish farmer inspiration. They are what you see Turks wearing as they work the fields. Good luck to any person that tries to run in them.

Peggy Rice said...

Jeremy, I need a picture of you with a fanny pack!
Angie, I love how you know information like that. I say they should have left those pants in the field, but I think they would most likely say I should have left my flip flops at the beach!

tammy said...

Thanks Peggy for the insight into Paris do's and don'ts. We will be there in 4 weeks- don't know how I am going to get my husband not to wear those hideous white sneakers. What does Brandon wear on weekends?

Brandon said...

Tammy I only where the most fashionable items on the weekend! In my mind anyway!

Sari said...

Guess what? It's not just Paris. Those MC Hammer pants (harem pants) are all over the style/fashion magazines here. Apparently, Ralph Lauren busted out a gold pair, which is now on back order.....not me, I'll pass. Thanks for the funnies.