List complete

You know those lists you make of where you want to go and what you want to see?
My list was pretty small.
1. See Paris
2. See the tulips bloom in Holland
Check, check.
My list is done!
Brandon has really out done himself. He planned the whole weekend and during the weekend he had "daddy" duty the whole time. Unbelievable good time.
We took in the sites of Amsterdam. Took the kids places 9 out of 10 parents would not. I am here to tell you, they did not even bat an eye at the woman walking into a room with just a mini skirt, stilettos and suspenders!

Amsterdam, was not really on the list for the weekend, but we both wanted to see it! Loved it and we are going back (without the kids next time). We went to a restaurant filled with noise and you couldn't even hear our kids! I loved the energy, the youth, the laughter, it was straight out of a movie. We sat next to a table of guys getting ready to go out for the night and every other word was an "F" bomb. For some reason I thought it was so funny! When other cultures say it, it is not offensive at all. I have no idea why.

Aside from their lively pub scene, they have amazing old buildings!

You knew I had to get the door picture!

After a day of exploring the city of Amsterdam, we headed to the seaside.

We stayed in a small town on the Nordic Sea and the tulip fields were a 15 minute drive. The actual park that we visited is called Keukenhof. I know that to some of you, tulips sound a bit lame, but this park even turned Jaylee around! At first she just wanted to "drop mom off". She has been drawing tulips ever since. So, yes my family was not thrilled to see the tulips, but they did it for me and I'm so happy that they did.

There are days that I would like to ditch my job as full time mom. There are days when I love my title. These are the times, when it is just us, that I am reminded how lucky and loved I am. Thank you Brandon for making this Mother's Day so special!

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Cari said...

The tulips are one of my favorite memory of Euorpe. To this day, Yellow tulips are my favorite!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I LOVE tulips, they are my favorite, and now I'm putting Holland on my "to do" list!!! What a fabulous trip and you absolutely deserve it. Kudo's to you Brandon!!! Jaylee has a sassy new do, I love it!!

Sari said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures....and I'm sure they don't do the scenery justice. Happy Mother's Day. You deserve it. Hugs.

patty said...

Love the photos Peggy! Looks like it was an absolute amazing trip!

Becky said...

Your pictures are wonderful!! You are documenting such a beautiful story for your kids. You all look so happy!! Being overseas was the best thing that happened to Jason and I and I can see we are not alone. What an absolutely lovely thing Brandon did for you.

Marit said...

Hi Peggy,
Great pictures and story!
Good to hear you like my little country! You definately seen it at it's best,

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

The pink tulip pic is my fave. You have to send that one to me. Glad your mothers Day was memorable. I can remember most of mine( tailgater at the nursery got a little out of hane). Package on the way.
Love to all