A year ago today

I was looking back on the blog to see what we were doing at this time last year and I found that we were just coming back from a TRIP to see Patty Hescock and our first drive over that MOUNTAIN!
No change of that mountain, but boy the kids have grown.
Also, a year ago today I was stressed out about the kids school and guess what? I still am today. However, I had an interesting conversation on the phone with one school today and I decided at the end of the conversation she had either just asked me how I had slept or if I had just had sex. Hmmm.
I called my tutor and repeated what I thought I had heard and she said it was most likely, "do you live close and we will see you later". Do you see the excitement in my daily life? So, I headed out and sure enough they did not care about my sex life and I think we are close to getting a place in a school. Just to be safe I am taking my tutor with me tomorrow.
Wish me luck!!!


Mary said...

Potato, patato.....it's all in delivery. Time flies when you're having fun. Hope this school provides a bus and both kids have same time schedule!!! That would be awesome. No walking in rain, cold, sleet, walking barefoot uphill in both directions.....

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I just hope that you can finish this whole school business once and for all. Good Luck

Jon said...

Vous ĂȘtes fou